COVID 19 Precautions

Thank you for choosing our mobile window tinting service. 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have all had to make changes to the way we conduct business and personal transactions. We are trying to be safe and keep others safe as we adjust to these new circumstances. According to medical authorities the best way for us to avoid coming into contact with COVID 19 is to stay home.

That is our specialty. Helping you stay home.


When we come to your home we will wear a mask while interacting with you. We will have clean sanitized hands and will wipe down the surfaces in your car we come in contact with upon completing the installation. Unfortunately it is not possible to wear a mask during the installation process but because we spray water this usually helps to maintain the 6ft distance with our customers (no-one wants to be sprayed). And since we are working with soap and water our hands are constantly being cleaned, and sometimes our faces, arms and legs too. 


You can trust us to keep you as safe as we can while working with

you for all your window tinting needs.

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