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Window Tinting

Car window tint. Ceramic film provide heat rejection & UV protection


Window tint is the most effective means of protecting your cars interior and keeping you comfortable. With nearly 30 years of experience we can help you choose a film that most suits your needs. Window films can reduce both infrared and solar heat, helping to reduce the temperature inside your vehicle.



Window films come in many varieties. They include non-reflective, ceramic, dual-reflective, and decorative. There is also many shades to choose from, ranging from clear to completely opaque. And because window film is so efficient at blocking heat, some products qualify for sustainable home credits and energy rebates.

Image by Ralph Kayden

Discover The Benefits of Window Film

Window films can reduce both infrared and solar heat from transferring through your windows, reducing the temperature inside your vehicle, your home and your office. Window films keep interior furnishings looking new by blocking harmful UV rays. There are additional benefits including reducing glare and adding privacy.

Experts In Window Film Applications

Hello! Welcome to Solar Pro Custom Tint.

We are experts in window tinting services. We are a husband and wife team that have been in the window film industry for nearly 30 years. We are based out of Round Rock TX, and service all surrounding cities (Austin, Pflugerville, Cedar Park, ...). We opened Solar Pro Custom Tint in 2013 and have enjoyed getting to know our many customers. Now in 2021 we have decided to restructure our business and are now fully mobile. We can save you time and hassle by coming to your home. Whether your looking for residential window tinting, commercial window tinting, automotive window tinting or windshield repair we can help. Call or email us today and we will get back with you within 24 hours.

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